We’re not just another rental company. We are truly different. We are a very well-rehearsed and well-choreographed show. We go the extra mile that other companies won’t consider so that we can ensure your event’s mixing, mingling, fun, and participation.

Check out this true story

A short time ago we put on a corporate party for 150 guests in Nashville. The corporate event planner had already completed 23 casino parties in 23 different cities, so he was firm in his conviction that we should keep the games open just 2 hours vs. the 3 hours we always quote. He told us, “I know what my people need. In 2 hours the games will be virtually empty because our guests will be in their hotel rooms resting for the next day. It happens in every city we’ve done casino parties in.”

When our event was 15 minutes from the 2 hour mark, he asked for us to go another hour saying, “You bring a lot more to the party than expected. In the 23 cities we’ve done, I’ve never seen anyone do what you folks do. There isn’t a single person in their rooms. They’re having more fun than I’ve ever seen them have.” We went the extra hour.

They were so pleased, they hired us again the next year but this time they increased the games to accommodate a crowd of 800 guests instead of 150.

The way we do things, the casino games always get lots of play resulting in loads of fun memories and rave reviews.