Anniversaries are sentimental, joyous occasions. Premier Casino Events & More has the experience and equipment to make sure you keep the memories going and the guests highly entertained.

Here are some ideas for creating that perfect wedding anniversary:

  • Display the wedding photos and/or album
  • Display pictures from over the years; it could be an ongoing PowerPoint show
  • Be sure to take pictures of this party day too
  • Display the wedding dress if it’s still around
  • Use as many items from the original wedding day as possible and recreate others as needed
  • Display copies of old songs and hymns from the wedding
  • Enlarge a recent picture of the couple to display
  • List the activities and costs of the original wedding to show how much things have changed
  • Years ago, many people picked flowers from the field and garden for weddings as well as made their own dresses, food and cake. They often had smaller, simpler weddings and receptions compared to today. It’s worth listing and displaying for the younger generation to think about. It’s also interesting to see how much prices have changed, such as listing the cost of their honeymoon hotel.
  • Make sure you have a guest book for guests to sign
  • A theme from a song or movie of that era or a favorite of the couple could also be incorporated into the decorating theme. Premier Casino Events & More specializes in the Fabulous ’50s, the Roaring ’20, and even a Psychedelic ’60s package!
  • Most importantly, make sure you have a Professional DJ who can create a song list to recreate the feelings and mood of the original wedding. You will be glad you did!

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