Many planners of association meetings, conventions, trade shows, and conferences struggle with three questions:

  • What can we do that’s different?
  • What can we do to get a good turn out?
  • What can we do that’s universally appealing and interactive, so this large diverse group of mine will have fun mixing, mingling, and staying until the very end; then take home so many great memories they look forward to attending our next event?

Our founder planned special events at the corporate level for 9 years. He learned from experience it’s difficult to get people to attend, and disappointing to see guests depart early. He also became proficient at building record attendance and seeing groups interact, build relationships, and enjoy themselves so much they hated to see the event end.

Our mission is to help your group have so much fun that they’d rather stay, mingle, mix and interact than see the event end, and no-shows regret missing the event when they hear what a great time they missed.

We have over 40 years’ experience with events of all types and sizes. We do small events. We’ve also helped with events as large as involving 35,000 people. Premier Casino Events & More can turn any space from drab to fab in just hours! We’ve even gone so far as to transform an airplane hangar into a Las Vegas casino in just one day!

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