Why should your banquet be limited to a presentation or featured speaker? Premier Casino Events & More can turn the festivities into a party with a memorable theme. What about a Chinese banquet with dragons, drapery, and even acrobats? Or, maybe a Renaissance banquet complete with knights, damsels, kings and queens? You are only limited by your imagination!

Here are some tips from our experience for planning the perfect banquet with Premier Casino Events & More:

  • Avoid spacing round tables widely apart in an attempt to fill the available space. Distance makes audience involvement and participation much more difficult. A better idea would be to space the tables as close together as practicable, allowing enough room for servers to move about. Empty room space could be filled with a decorative divider.
  • Avoid a great distance between the head table/dais/speaker area and the first row of tables. Again, distance is a great barrier to interaction.
  • Try to set the head table/speaker area on the long side of the room. This means that the back row participants will be closer to the speaker than if you set the head table/speaker area on the short side of the room where participants will feel they are far from the action.
  • Consider allowing the speaker an option of speaking areas. Many top speakers can do a better job if they are not confined behind a head table and/or lectern.
  • Set buffet tables far to the side or on the opposite end from the speaker area. If someone goes back for late seconds or arrives late, he or she will not be disruptive.
  • Discourage use of doors anywhere near the head table/speaker area.
  • When on a tight time schedule, have dessert placed on the table midway through the meal.
  • Arrange with banquet staff to cease all busing of tables on a pre-arranged signal. Many functions have less than interesting openings because service personnel are running around for the first 10 minutes of a talk. This gets everything off to a bad start.
  • Ten minutes before the program is to start, it is very helpful to announce something like the following: “The program will start in ten minutes. Please get your drink refills, use the restroom, grab another piece of cake, and then take your seats and get ready for a great program!”

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