Bingo is universally loved by young and old. Premier Casino Events & More can help you set up your own bingo party complete with cards, light-up board, bingo balls, and hands free podium! We can even provide professional bingo callers.

You can create a bingo party as a fundraiser, or just as a great party theme for people to have fun!

Great Bingo Party Tips:

  • When you invite your friends, ask them to bring a small wrapped gift (under $15) and money for bingo cards ($5 a card).
  • The host provides either dinner or just finger foods and drinks.
  • Each time someone wins they get to pick a gift!
  • The last game is played for the pot (all the money that was paid for bingo cards!)
  • For just $20 a person, your party becomes “the talk of the town”! And usually everyone manages to win something!

Contact us today for a stellar Bingo party no one will soon forget.