Imagine clowns directing guests through a grand big top entrance toward the fun, food and drink. The area explodes with action, music, and festive excitement. A face painter, costumed juggler, palm reader and magician with his tricks and balloon sculptures provide entertainment. Lively music for dancing or listening is led by an experienced DJ. The artists entertain from their specially designed stage areas complete with backdrops and lighting.

Carnival games are placed to create a “Midway” effect with awning type booths for fun and prizes. Test your skills with the race horse wheel, ring toss, baseball catcher, putt-putt, pop-o-shot, or knocking down the milk bottles. Prizes include plush toys and more of the usual carnival trinkets. (If higher quality gifts would like to be given, that can also be arranged). Our “barkers” dressed in striped vests, arm bands, skimmer hats and canes will make sure there are plenty of winners!

Games are decorated with balloons galore, colorful pennants, and lights just like an outdoor carnival. Distortion mirrors are placed strategically throughout to add to the fun.

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