It’s never too early to start planning your picnic.

“Oh no!,” you hear your employees cry, “not the dreaded company picnic!”

It’s time to change it up with Premier Casino Events & more! Contact us today to make sure it is a memorable event and one that reduces your stress as the big day approaches.

We are experts at fun! We set up everything from theming to competitions, and will work with you closely to foster good relationships and team-building among your employees.  Any size of group is welcome–from 75 to 3,000.

We offer a wide variety of picnic games and activities for all ages, preschoolers through high school, parents to grandparents. In addition to picnic games, we incorporate just the right mix of activities from carnival, arcade, sports bar, and casino games. We will do the research necessary, prepare a list of activities and games intended to get all age groups participating and having fun, and then present you with ideas and options to consider. Your customized package will achieve your goals and meet your budget.

Most importantly, your company picnic should also be about FUN! That’s why we provide the best DJs in the business to get your group out on the dance floor and having a great time!

Contact us today to let us know your needs. We’ll create a tailor-made proposal for your event that will have employees counting the days until the next company picnic!